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Our set list – the first announcement

Well behind the scenes our little team of heavy metal musical elves have been busily working on a set of red hot and deeply cool carols for your suprise and delectation.

The final touches have not yet been added, but I can now exclusively reveal that our magnificent mettalers will be singing a number of classic Christmas faviourites, including the traditional opener to many a Carol Festival: ‘Once In Royal David’s City’ – so far as I know there wont be any choir boys on hand to squawk out the first couple of bars, but hey – you never know what’s in store!

It wouldnt be heavy metal carol service for us without ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, so I’m delighted to be able to confirm that it is on the list!

It’s also safe to say that ‘Silent Night’ will be in there – although its likely to be anything but Silent – I suspect though that if you have a zippo – that may be the time to wave it in the air!

Anyway, as Alice Cooper would say, “We’re gonna build a toyland town – and then we’re gonna burn it down…”


About simon cross

Simon Cross is a community and spiritual activist, theologian, and interfaith facilitator. He speaks about spirituality and progressive approaches to Christianity, and has published on the phenomenon of New Monasticism, and Nature Connection in the Christian tradition.

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