Very Heavy Christmas – photos and links

this picture is one that appears on the write up from the ymca – which can be found here, there’s also an article here and loads of pics on our facebook page. enjoy!


So that was Christmas…

Well I cant believe its over! The first ever Heavy Metal Carol Service has now been and gone, and it was a great night.

Hundreds of people, little kids, oldies, bikers, metal heads (old and young), emos, confused people, middle aged people trying to relive their youth, all crowded into the Minster in Grimsby’s town centre to take part in an hour long carol service the likes of which has never been seen before.

Over on the Heavy Christmas facebook page we’ve all kinds of photos and messages, and I’m also posting here two videos – the first is only a taster of what went on – you couldnt really hope to do the event justice, but it was worth a try! And the second was one of our ‘lessons’ a new retelling of the good samaritan story.

We’ve been asked if we’ll do it again, and if and when there is more news on that – either way, I’ll let you know. For now, merry Christmas!


Oh baby its cold outside

The weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful,

so since there’s no place to go,

you may as well go somewhere with underfloor heating, where various sweaty people are jumping up and down as a band rip through a selection of your favourite Christmas tunes.

That place would indeed be Grimsby Minster, on Saturday night, where among other treats you will be thrilled by a new version of ‘Silent Night’ – for which you should probably bring your zippo (other lighters are available).

Anyone caught filming the event on an iphone or other portable recording device will be captured and imprisoned on a secret island in the North Sea until they agree to upload said footage to youtube or another video sharing site, and tag it as ‘very heavy christmas’ or ‘the worlds heaviest Carol service’ or something similar.

The band are being uncharacteristically tightlipped about how they are going to close out the set, which is a little worrying, but why wouldnt you trust a bunch of guitar weilding nutters with microphones and a love of decibels?

I managed to shock a little girl the other day by playing Alice Cooper’s ‘Santa Claws is coming to town’ she was liking it when he sang ‘they’re going to build a toyland town, all around the Christmas tree’ but gave an audible gasp when he darkly muttered ‘and then we’re gonna burn it down’.

Heavy Metal – shocking small girls for 40+ years.

websites eh

for some reason our web forwarding has been mucking around – so if you’ve been tying to visit the site using our proper web address, then you’ll have been redirected to a 123 reg page, which is annoying.

However, we’re getting lots of new friends on facebook, if you’re not one of them, then why not click on like now and receive our updates that way?

The flyers will be going out this weekend, as we head off into the bleak midwinter like so many leather jacketed elves, still a bit giddy after having a wee swig of Santa’s egg nog.

The band has been in rehearsal, and all is well – the sound is going to be on the other side of awesome….

Our set list – the first announcement

Well behind the scenes our little team of heavy metal musical elves have been busily working on a set of red hot and deeply cool carols for your suprise and delectation.

The final touches have not yet been added, but I can now exclusively reveal that our magnificent mettalers will be singing a number of classic Christmas faviourites, including the traditional opener to many a Carol Festival: ‘Once In Royal David’s City’ – so far as I know there wont be any choir boys on hand to squawk out the first couple of bars, but hey – you never know what’s in store!

It wouldnt be heavy metal carol service for us without ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, so I’m delighted to be able to confirm that it is on the list!

It’s also safe to say that ‘Silent Night’ will be in there – although its likely to be anything but Silent – I suspect though that if you have a zippo – that may be the time to wave it in the air!

Anyway, as Alice Cooper would say, “We’re gonna build a toyland town – and then we’re gonna burn it down…”