Final Line Up Announcements

With only a week left to go until A Very Heavy Christmas 2013, we’re delighted to be able to confirm our line up for the UK’s only official Heavy Metal Carol Service.

Oh he does like to be beside the seaside… Eagle Spits will be delivering some punk ‘lessons’

Joining us for the night will be Vicky Frost, a talented singer who will be doing a very atmospheric solo carol to start the service.

Also on the bill are Grimsby based purveyors of bluesy psychedelia Seaside Johnson, punk poet Eagle Spits, a local un-named ‘supergroup’ of top musicians, and visitors from the distant land of ‘Yorkshire’ (where ever that is): hairy rockers Metanoia.

And we’ll have a couple of other delights to share with you too – it looks set to be our best carol service yet.

Metanoia’s Robb Sutherland brings some hair to proceedings.

Entry is free as always, if you are able to leave a donation to the work of local charities who work with homeless people – then that would be welcome.

Last year’s Carol Service featured on the BBC World Service no less, and we expect the word to spread far and wide this year too – so get ready to headbang merrily on high, as we wish you all a very heavy Christmas.

Grimsby Minster – Saturday 7th December – 5.30pm



Head bang merrily on high

Apparently historical research has turned up the original words to the carol usually sung as ‘Ding dong merrily on high’ – according to learned academics it should really be sung like this:

Head bang! merrily on high
In heav’n guitars are screaming:
Head bang! verily the sky
Is riv’n with Angels moshing.

Hosanna in excelsis!
Hosanna in excelsis!

So get on your feet and show,
That mettalers can have fun,
And let all the people know
At Christmas we shall be one.


So pray you, dutifully tune
Your axes, all ye strummers;
And may hair everywhere be strewn
When you jump, ye moshers.


Words: ‘Ozzy’ Ratcliffe Woodward, 1924.

A Very Heavy Christmas

Our very own  Heavy Metal Carol Service

Sat 17th December; 5.30 PM, St James’ Church, Grimsby.

Tell your friends – its going to be a Very Heavy Christmas

The Heavy Metal Carol Service

Saturday 17th of December 2011, 5.30pm, Grimsby Minster.


Be ready to sing along to some of your favourite Christmas songs;

played like you’ve never heard them before.

There might just be a spot of headbanging called for too…

What’s it all in aid of?

Quite a few people have suggested we raise some money for charity.

We thought that was a good idea.

So seeing as the Christmas story is about a homeless refugee baby, we thought we’d raise some dosh for youth homelessness, specifically for our friends at Grimsby and Humber YMCA, who work hard to provide homes for young people who find themselves with no place to live.

You can find more info about what they do on their site, so please remember to bring a few quid along and give generously to help others!

Getting closer…

Good King Wenceslas rocked out,

and he had good reason,

metal sounds were all about,

played with verve and feeling.

Loudly did  they play that night,

though the winds were cruel,

smiling you could hear him shout,

wow this is so coooooool!

Unfortunately it seems that Good King Wenceslas will not be joining us at the heavy metal carol service, but the good news is that we now have a band, a PA, a venue, a time, a set list… so what we now need to arrange is a crowd: think you can you help?

If you do, there’s a good chance that one of the band will make up like Gene Simmons…

Musicians wanted

We’re putting the band together, we’ve got a core of musicians, but there’s room for you! If you play or sing, or prefer to get a bit technical, and want to get involved with this classic  event – then head over to our facebook page right now.

We’ve asked people to send us demos, here’s one sent by some guy with a bit of a strange name… what do you think?

The world’s first Heavy Metal Carol Service

We’re putting together the world’s first heavy metal carol service, more details will begin to appear here as we can confirm what’s going to happen – right now we’re recruiting band members, you can get in touch via our facebook or twitter, or leave us a message here in the comments. And whether you are interested in playing or watching, you should watch this space for further details!